The Next Story By Tim Challies

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In Chapter Four of his book “The Next Story,” Tim Challies discusses how communication has grown and developed into new ways to interact with each other. Social media, blogs, and mobile phones are a few of the ways that we can connect and be in contact with each other. Information that may have taken days to reach an out of state friend through a letter just a few decades ago can now be sent and received in a matter of minutes through email or text messaging. Although technology is a gift from God and can be used for necessary and good things, such as work, school, or connecting with family, it can also be used for detrimental things or it can become an idol. How can a piece of technology become an idol? When our technology begins to own us – when we cannot put it down or when we feel fragmented without it then it has become an idol in our lives. In one of my classes there is a no technology policy during classes. Many of the students stare at their phones, texting or tweeting right until the start of class. When class starts some of them can barely put down their devices – at times our teacher even has to remind them to put it away. A couple times my teacher left the class for a few minutes, while she was gone some of my classmates pulled out their phones and secretively went back to surfing the web and texting. Even though technology might not yet be an idol, per se, in some of my classmate’s lives, it could be someday. In this chapter, Challies also addresses how

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