The Nfl Is Considered A Regulator For Professional Football

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The NFL is considered a regulator in professional football. Therefore, they have an obligation to … However, the NFL and the NCAA have failed to produce concussion policies. While, the NCAA expects the individual schools to handle … the NFL rejects the notion that football related concussions play a large part in … This type of thinking is what has gotten the league into trouble. The league argues that there is not enough evidence to support … and has treated the problem similar to that of the tobacco company’s denial that cigarettes had bad side effects to a person’s health (Hanna, 2010). The misinformation given to current and former players has resulted in 4500 retired players filing a lawsuit against the league (). In Turner v. NFL,…show more content…
However, it is the leagues duty to care for its athletes. The assumption of risk could also become a defense for the league. The NFL players knew that football presented risks to their safety. Football is a contact sport and several risk factors are involved in the game (Hanna, 2010). In relation to concussions, the NFL players have to be knowledgeable of all the risks involved. Because they were not fully made aware of the risks of concussion, because of lack of information, assumption of risk does not apply. The athletes are however, partially to blame for contributing to their injuries. Of the 160 athletes surveyed, 30 admitted they had failed to report a concussion. Failure to report led players to return to action to soon (Hanna, 2010). The league is still cautious in accepting the risks of concussions, but has slowly implemented new rule changes to the league in response to concussion management. Rules that dealt with concussion management were not subject to penalties for years. Eventually penalties were also induced. The first rules regarding helmet to helmet contact were not implemented until the late 1990s. Before these rules were introduced coaches and athletes encouraged the contact and ignored the effects such hits had on athletes. Today more changes are taking place including new helmet designs. These designs are meant to protect the head more. However, concussions effect the brain and helmets protect the
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