The Nice Little House

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For my running record, I assessed a 1st grader (name initials are EC) at Sunset Elementary reading the “The Nice Little House” in the D level. EC had 3 errors with 1 being an added word, 1 being a meaning and syntax error, and the last one being a visual error. The student also had 3 self-corrections so his accuracy rate was high at a 98% rate (6/3= 1:2). Although his accuracy rate was high, his fluency score did not match his accuracy. The student read the words slowly in the beginning, but correctly without sounding out the words. It almost seemed like he was thinking what to say before he said anything so he would not say the word incorrectly. As the words became similar and more familiar, he began to read at a much faster pace. However, the beginning of the story, the fluency was quite slow, so I had to deduct one point. In addition to the factors of the deducted point, he did not implement expressions from puncations consistently, but he was able to read bold words with expression. EC’s comprehension scored a 5/7 as he was able to thinking within the text with ease. He answered questions about the “within the text” portion with little to no prompting. EC was able to talk about the story from the first page to the last including the order of when the animals entered the house. He was also able to understand that skunks have the general stereotype of being a stinky animal so when he entered the house, all the animals left the house. The point was deducted from “beyond and…
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