The Night And Emily Henderson

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It was a Wednesday night and Emily Henderson was in her room trying to finish the pile of homework she had that was due the next day. She had gotten at least forty minutes of homework for each class and told it was due the next day. “Goodni-Emily it is Eleven o’clock at night, are you barely starting on your homework?!” Emily’s mom yelled as she noticed Emily doing her homework. “No mom, I’ve been doing my homework since six o’clock. I have so much and I’m not even close to being done!” Emily replied, frustrated. “Are you serious? Have you really been working on homework all day? I thought you were in bed already.” “Yes mom I have, and I even have a project I have to work on that’s due in three days. I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish…show more content…
According to a poll from Headline Media, fifty-six percent of students consider homework to be a primary source for stress, forty-three percent of students viewed tests as a primary stressor, and thirty-three percent said the pressure of keeping grades up is a primary stressor. Only one percent of students said that homework wasn’t stressful. Students sometimes give up sleep just to finish homework. Losing sleep over homework is a negative effect on the child’s ability to understand the material being taught and they are more likely to struggle on assignments and tests being given to them on the next day. Children losing sleep also affects their brain activity. If a child doesn’t have at least eight hours of sleep at night, he/she will be less prepared for the day ahead. Also if a child loses sleep, due to finishing homework, it is very likely they will fall asleep in class the next day and not learn the new material being taught then they will not be able to understand and do the homework that it given that day or do assignments and exams over that material. Without sleep and rest the human body and brain will not function properly. It is very important for a child to get enough sleep and not stress over homework so that they can actually absorb the material and get the right education. How much homework
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