The Night And Emily Henderson

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It was a Wednesday night and Emily Henderson was in her room trying to finish the pile of homework she had that was due the next day. She had gotten at least forty minutes of homework for each class and told it was due the next day. “Goodni-Emily it is Eleven o’clock at night, are you barely starting on your homework?!” Emily’s mom yelled as she noticed Emily doing her homework. “No mom, I’ve been doing my homework since six o’clock. I have so much and I’m not even close to being done!” Emily replied, frustrated. “Are you serious? Have you really been working on homework all day? I thought you were in bed already.” “Yes mom I have, and I even have a project I have to work on that’s due in three days. I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it.” Emily said as she threw her head back in frustration. Even though homework may be good for students, it also has its cons and can cause serious stress issues. Students are getting too much homework now-a-days and too much pressure from parents makes it worse. Homework causes health issues on both children and parents, takes children away from other important tasks, and it’s not even scientifically proven that it helps improve grades. Homework causes stress and anxiety issues on both parents and children. They can lose sleep over it as well. If students get more than two hours of homework a day, it is too much for them. The amount of homework has increased about 51% since 1981. Homework causes stress and anxiety issues due to children…
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