The Night Angel Research Paper

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The Night Angel is mighty, yet heartless, brilliant, but feared. Known across the land, his name is whispered, for those who know of him, are terrified of him. They say his breath causes disease, that his skin feels scaly, yet slimey like a worm. Strong as an ox, yet sly as a fox. He terrifies, yet clarified as the worst, but greatest, supervillain.

The vilest supervillain would obviously shine as the most powerful, immediately sending the Night Angel to the top five, because no-one can compare to his heartlessness. The Night Angel, definitely the most evil villain, he has caused great wars, and rivalries that last to this day. Once causing a storm that rained for 10 days straight, ruining the land by flooding the crops and farmland. Then, in 2999, he predicted the end of the world, but very little in known of that, mostly because it was posted by Totally-didn’t-make-this-up-right-now.norg.

Not just enjoying evilness, The Night Angel also makes intelligent look easy. Known for his knowledge in battlefield strategy, he became a wonderful source for great leaders to follow. Some have said that he conducts himself as smart as two people combined. “He outwitted Caeser by corrupting his senate, causing the
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Even before immortality, and incredible abilities, dueling great warlords at the age of 18, some said to have even frightened the greek gods with his might. He took an entire trireme alone, and won the Olympics of the days of great Athens, said Bobby in the famous book series, Bobby goes to the Store. He also faced a Minotaur and won. His own signature move included a parry, then a shield bash to push them to the ground, where he would allow them to yield. He defeated a corrupted tyrant in a duel with that move. Once, he charged a Phalanx and broke their entire first line with one charge, and known as “the Lion” in the days of the Greeks, for he roared like that of a
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