The Night At The Corner Of A Street

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In Chicago, Illinois, an expansive hotel stands gloriously at the corner of a street. Civilians crowd around it, looking for a place to stay as they visit the incredibly popular World 's Fair. They are greeted by an attractive young man, who beckons a select few inside and offers them rooms to stay for the night. These unknowing guests make their way up to their supposed rooms, and are befuddled at first by the strange structure of the hallways. Paying no mind to this abnormality, they enter their rooms and rest for the night, yet they do not wake up the next morning. Other guests find themselves locked in a brick room with nothing in it, and slowly starve to death while visions of their families and lives fade before their eyes. Some are hung by their necks as they plead for their lives. What was supposed to be an average night at a hotel, turned into a nightmarish death sentence. While this may seem like something out of a horror movie, these horrid events really did take place. This so called hotel, known today as “The Murder Castle”, was an elaborate contraption created by Herman Webster Mudgett, who is more commonly known as H. H. Holmes. Dr. Holmes opened The World’s Fair Hotel, now referred to as The Murder Castle, where he killed and dissected his victims in order to feed his insatiable bloodlust and greed. This man might as well have been the Devil himself, and his hotel the Devil’s lair, as estimates of the number of murders he committed ranges from ten to as many…
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