The Night Circus Analysis Essay

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Nicholas Grill
Mrs. Browning
English 10X
27 July 2017
The Night Circus Journal Entries
Question #2: The Night Circus reflects the Holy Cross core value of hope, because the conflict of many characters in the story requires them to have hope. The main characters, Celia and Marco, are bound to a battle to the death against one another. Unfortunately, they fall in love, and for the rest of the story they hope that they can somehow break the contract binding them to their competition. Additionally, a side character, Bailey, grows up facing family conflicts between his dream of going to college and his father’s desire for him to stay on the family farm. Bailey desperately hopes that “someone would come and take him away”(Morgenstern 113-114). Furthermore,
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Initially, Marco was going to die so that Celia would win the challenge, but at the last moment Celia rushes to save him. This results in their spirits becoming released from their bodies. In order for them not to die, Celia must anchor their spirits to something. In a suspenseful series of events, Celia “picks a location to focus on…and slowly, agonizingly slowly…pulls herself safely together. Until she is standing in her own tent, in the center of a circle of empty chairs”(Morgenstern 465). This act allowed for them to defy death and live on as spirits of the circus. Consequentially, the bonfire that gave life to the circus went out, forcing Bailey to play his newly discovered role and relight…show more content…
Thankfully, The Night Circus offers both of these, and more. The story constantly had me invested in the conflicts of its numerous characters, while providing tons of magic and mystery along the way. Friedrick Thiessen, a character who writes articles about the circus in the story, wrote that “‘There are tents, I am certain, that I have not discovered in my visits to the circus. Though I have seen a great deal of sights, traveled a number of the available paths, there are always corners that remain unexplained, doors that remain unopened’”(Morgenstern 393). This quote practically represents the entirety of what makes the story amazing. The mystery itself surrounds every other aspect of the story. The central plot of Celia and Marco’s challenge had me wanting to find out more with every page. I would definitely recommend this text to others. It was very entertaining and encompassed a wide variety of genres. Because of that, I feel like many readers would enjoy this story, whether they prefer dramas, mysteries, or action-packed
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