The Night I Learned That Money Can Not Buy Happiness

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“That Was the Night I learned that Money can Not Buy Happiness”

Ten years ago. One night I meet my friends at a coffee shop which we spend our time there weekly. It was a high-class coffee shop and expensive. Most of people there were rich. My friends are rich, so they do not care about spending their money for anything because their parents will give them more. I am from Middle class family and I collect all my money for the week to spend it with them at the coffee shop in the weekend.
When I met my friends, one of them spoke about Switzerland and Alpine panorama. He showed us many pictures of beautiful lakes and nature in Switzerland. He said that “why we do not travel to Switzerland and see it instead of look to the pictures”
They immediately decided to travel to Switzerland and spend two weeks there. They asked me if I want to travel with them and I said I am not sure. Actually, I was not sure that my dad would give me money because I know it is very expensive. I called my father and asked him some money and he refused to give me anything. My friends started to plan their trip and which place they will visit in Switzerland. They went to my friend’s house I felt I left out.
I was so upset and I wished I was rich to spend my money to buy whatever I wish. Luxury cars, villas, and tickets to any country I wish to visit it. In that moment I thought that money is happiness and money can buy you anything you need.

When I was sitting by myself in the coffee shop, I saw
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