The Night Making Love Or Not?

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Casey woke alone to an orange Creamsicle sky. The bedside clock flipped to 6:37 a.m. Did Ray arrive yesterday and did they spend most of the night making love or was that another dream? The other option, she had gone completely off her rocker. Her hand snaked to the other side of the bed, still warm, and there was a slight impression of a body. She shivered remembering another night when there had been an imprint in the coverlet, and no one was there. Whistling drifted from the area of the kitchen—Ray. He did come home after all. She wasn’t crazy. Getting out of bed and pulling a silk robe out of the closet, she went in search of a cup of hot tea and Ray, in that order. Leaving the bedroom, she stumbled over her panties lying on the floor…show more content…
“Considered it,” he answered with a leering grin. You were so cute with that drool dripping from the side of your mouth that I didn’t have the heart to wake you. Come here, there’s still a little left.” Casey punched him in the arm. “I do not drool!” “You could’ve fooled me.” They spent the next ninety minutes planning out the next step in their investigation with Ray continuously teasing her. It felt like they were newlyweds. Crunching tires on the gravel road interrupted their playful banter. “Were you expecting anyone today?” Ray inquired. “I don’t believe so. I haven’t spoken to Fiona in a few days. It might be her.” A shocked expression clouded her face. Ray asked, “What’s wrong? You look like you’re going to pass out on me. Are you okay?” “Our clothes, they’re all over the floor and the stairs.” She ran out of the room shouting directions over her shoulder. “You go out and stall whoever it is while I pick up the mess.” Ray snatched his coffee cup from the kitchen table and ran outside, softly closing the door behind him. She heard him greet whoever their visitor was while she began to snatch clothes, shoes, and underwear throwing them haphazardly into the coat closet. Shoving the last article in, she slammed the door shut and sagged against the wall. This gave her a moment to catch her breath. Men’s voices floated from the veranda, Ray’s and someone familiar—Sheriff Hunter. She gave one quick sweep of the entryway and the stairs for articles of clothing she
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