The Night Making Love Or Not?

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She woke alone to an orange Creamsicle sky. Looking at the bedside clock, it flipped to 6:37 a.m. Did Ray arrive yesterday and had spent most of the night making love or was that another dream? The other option is she had finally gone completely off her rocker.
Reaching over to the other side of the bed, it felt warm, and there was a slight impression of a body. She shivered slightly remembering another night when there had been an imprint in the coverlet, and no one was there.
Drifting from the area of the kitchen was the distant sound of someone whistling—Ray. He did come home early. She wasn’t crazy after all.
Getting out of bed and pulling a silk robe out of the closet, she went in search of a cup of hot tea and Ray, in that order.
Leaving the bedroom, she noticed her panties lying in the hallway. On the stairs, her bra hung from the railing. Ray’s shoes and socks lay scattered on different steps. Her dress lay in a heap by the front door. Grinning, she entered the kitchen to find Ray on the phone putting his favorite K-cup in the Keurig coffee maker. He ended the call as soon as he saw her enter the room.
Striding to the pantry, she opened the door and pulled out a packet of green tea. “You’re up early. Who were you talking to?”
Acting nonchalant, he answered, “Checking voice mail. I left in such a rush yesterday that I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget anything.”
“Did you?”
Putting the teapot on the stove, she remarked, “I woke up, and you weren’t there. Why…
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