The Night Moth With A Crooked Feeler Short Story

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A story of Loyalty and True Kindness “The night moth with a crooked feeler” is a short story written by Clara D. Pierson. We are introduced to a beautiful Crecropia who is born brightly colored, beautiful, confident yet oblivious to the kindness her neighbor tries to provide. Miss Crecropia becomes blinded by curiosity and worry of the other moth’s opinions. While in pursuit of compliments, and the perfect partner, Miss Crecropia comes to the conclusion that what she wanted all along was not a moth partner with perfect physical aspects, but a moth with bravery, and a warm heart. This short story can easily be compared to everyday life. The author uses many elements to teach us not to judge a book by its cover because even true love can be something unexpected. Miss Crecropia is born beautiful. She has bright beautiful wings and the confidence to match it. Early on when introduced to Miss Crecropia we meet another Crecropia moth that oddly is only known as “the neighbor” throughout the story. He meets Mrs. Crecropia as a caterpillar showing her to food, one of many kindnesses portrayed throughout the story. Early in the story she agrees to spin her cocoon next to his and comes to regret it later on into the winter because although he is handsome she may meet someone better off. This seems to be a hint that she is not naturally so conceited, but as a moth, she seems to feel as if there is a lot of expectation. As we progress into the story we watch the gap in Miss Crecopia

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