The Night Of My Seventh Birthday

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My mother has repeated a certain story several times in which she tells me of an extraordinary place that people visit when they want or need a better life. This story originated the night of my seventh birthday. (hook - flashback and suspense) My father was scheduled to return home that night to celebrate, and at seven o’clock sharp my family was ready for his arrival. We waited. We listened to pouring rain strike the roof like thousands of hooves (simile), and we counted seconds between the roaring thunder. By nine-thirty, my siblings and I wanted to sleep, and nothing clued that our father would arrive soon. I blew out the candles while my mother, brother, and sister sang. Dad never missed this part of a birthday. At around eleven o’clock, I heard the door open, and my parents’ voices were raised within minutes. They bickered as usual, with my mom explaining he could have been stuck in the worst storm in years. She was worried sick. I crept to my bedroom door and slightly opened it, peeking through the crack. My sister, Alice, and brother, John, were both asleep in their rooms. I saw Dad. He bore a large trench coat I had never seen, and his face looked poorly kept; he probably had not shaved in over a week. He did not yell, but he spoke loud, much louder than my mom. Parts of his sentences were barely comprehensible. The argument escalated, and I saw my father hit my mother. Dad sloppily swung his fist, making contact with her cheek bone. Mom would have fallen to the

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