The Night Of Search Of Human Blood

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Kia Frazier-Humphrey
Professor Livanis
English 17
November 11th 2016

Essay #2 If you were to ask people 10 years ago what came to mind when they thought about vampires, you would probably get answers that described frightening creatures that lurk in the night in search of human blood. These perceptions are usually brought on from one of the most famous vampire stories ever written; Dracula. Bram Stoker’s Dracula tells the story of Count Dracula and his bloodthirsty journey from his castle in Transylvania to the shores of London. Where he searches for blood from both men and women, while his enemies seek to destroy him and rid the world of his evil. In more recent years the tables have turned due to the widespread popularity of the Twilight series novels as well as the film adaptions. The Twilight series originally written by Stephanie Meyer, recounts the love story of Isabella Swan a human teenager who risks it all when she falls for Edward Cullen a vampire forever frozen at the age of 17. Due to its popularity, lots of people visualize the main vampire in the series, Edward Cullen, when they think of the undead. With his devilishly handsome features, bad boy allure, and ability to make all the girls of Forks high school swoon, Edward Cullen and his family of “vegetarian vampires” are redefining the modern view of vampires. One of the most prominent things that sets the two vampires apart is the way they are perceived by other characters in their respective mediums. We…
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