The Night Of The Graduation Party

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During my time in high school almost every day I would hear my friends complain about being stressed, and often times it had to do with school. At the time I did not fully understand what they meant by being “stressed”, until the night of the graduation party that is when I began to understand where my pals where coming from. According to the article “stress” found on the Psychology today website, “stress is simply a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our physical or mental equilibrium. In other words, it 's an omnipresent part of life.” It was the night of May 22, 2014: the night of the graduation party. The grey dark marijuana smoke filled the air. The flashing colored lights lit up the night. The loud fist-pumping music got everyone on the edge of their feet making fist pumping gestures like there was no tomorrow. Love filled every inch of the home as topless couples seduced each other with endless passion. The night was perfect to just let loose and enjoy the moment, but across the living room there I was sitting down like a total loser with a water bottle in my hands. I guess I was cool with just sitting down and watching how timid classmates turned completely into party animals. I continued to remain seated on the sturdy black sofa, until I realized that my presence there made things kind of awkward for the couple that was right next to me. Before I could move a muscle a sudden massive wave of cops was spotted out across the end of the street. Screams and shouts…
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