The Night Of The Hallway

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The lights in the hallway were quite luminescent, highlighting Vanessa’s obvious lack of clothing. Still in a mesmeric-like state (similar to a daze when one daydreams), Vanessa drifted towards the nearest theater, entering without considering the negative repercussions of being caught. The theater was pitch-black, as Vanessa crept her way forward, approaching the end of the barrier that separated the entrance from the seating area. Before Vanessa turned the corner, possibly exposing herself to a crowd unknown movie patrons (albeit, with limited light) — BOOM! — a massive explosion from the movie startled her. She looked around furiously (regaining control over her consciousness), frantically attempting to discern what had just happened. Before identifying the source of the sound, she realized with great remorse of her current dilemma. “Why am I NAKED!?” she thought, fidgeting with fear. “I–I have to get out of here — right now!” Using her arms to shield her breasts, Vanessa made her way back towards the entrance (her only exit), nervously contemplating her next move. Before making further progress, with great dismay, the door began to swing open — people were coming! Vanessa was startled with her awful luck, wondering if destiny wanted her to be exposed in the most embarrassing of circumstances. Determined not to accept her fate, Vanessa pivoted on her back foot, dropped her hands from their protective position, and started to sprint down the aisle. Upon
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