The Night Of The Midnight Run

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It was a dull Monday morning. I was sitting in religion class and looking out the window. Suddenly, I heard my teacher say the words "Midnight Run." Little did I know, this would forever change my perspective on the way I saw the world. A Midnight Run is when many volunteers come together and distribute goods for the homeless. We gather items such as toiletries, blankets, jackets, gloves, hats, scarves, backpacks, and shoes that come to us in the form of donations. We make several stops in Manhattan and distribute the items. At first I was hesitant to do it. The thought of being in the middle of Manhattan late at night made me nervous; but my best friend begged me to sign up with her, so I reluctantly did. As the night of the Midnight Run…show more content…
The overall experience reminded me of a time when my cheer team and I were competing. My team and I were feeling discouraged but my coach gave us some tips on the routines to improve. We all worked together and valued her suggestions. That seemingly small gesture of hers came a long way when we walked to pick up our first-place prize, after anticipating we were to lose all day. This was the first time I saw how far a little gesture, or something that seems rather insignificant can go. Unfortunately, it got very cold throughout the night, with the temperature dropping to below 0 degrees. I could barely stand outside all bundled up in clothes that fit me. How did these people manage to sleep outside all night? Thoughts flooded my mind and I was in awe of their situation at hand. By the time we arrived at the last stop, we had run out of almost everything. People understandably took whatever they could get. A man took a bright pink, Barbie blanket and a pink hat; he was so desperate to stay warm. I couldn’t imagine myself having to worry about these big issues. What seemed like critical issues to me in my life at the time were miniscule compared what these people were facing. I was dealing with things such as difficulty in school work and balancing a social life with my three jobs. I never had to worry about being warm or where my next meal would come from. That was every day for these people. The most touching part of the night was when I met the last woman I
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