The Night Of The Vampire

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Night of the Vampire
ONCE UPON A TIME there were two vampires that lived in a mansion and no one knew they were real until one day they came out of the shadows.
“Hey Alucard have you seen this new movie called Twilight?” Asked Seras excitedly.
“No Seras I haven’t. What is it about? And if it’s a chick flick we are not going to see it.” Said Alucard menacingly.
“But it’s about Vampires.” Said Seras in a scared voice.
“Fine we can go to see the movie after we finish my walk.” Alucard said thinking about if the movie will be even close to what they really are.
----------------------------------------------After Twilight-------------------------------------------------
“So, what did you think of the movie Alucard.” Said Seras excitedly
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“What you can’t kill him!” Yelled Seras.
“Why not?” Wondered Alucard.
“Because you would kill him.” Said Seras.
“So what we can find them faster.” Said Alucard.
“Fine.” Seras said dejectedly.
----------------------------------------------At the Studio--------------------------------------------------
“You will tell me where the CEO office is.” Alucard stated calmly using his hipnotizame powers.
“The CEO office is on the top floor first office on the right.” Security guard stated like in a trance.
“Thank you.” Said Alucard.
-------------------------------------------------Top Floor--------------------------------------------------
“Where do Bella and Edward live.” Demanded Alucard.
“We can’t tell fans where they live.”Stated the CEO
“Oh no we aren 't fans we are going to kill them.” Said Seras.
“Why would you want to kill them?” Questioned the CEO
“They are a disgrace to the vampire community.” Said Alucard.
“But vampires are not real.” Stated the CEO
“We don’t have time for 20 questions so I will drink your blood now.” Said Alucard
“Wait what!” Yelled the CEO
“Om nom nom.” Said Alucard. As Alucard was going through his mind he saw many things that even disturbed him. However in the long run they did find where they lived so give and take.
-----------------------------------------In the Car----------------------------------------------------------
“So you know where they are now?” Questioned Seras
“Yes.” Said Alucard
“What are we waiting for then.”
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