The Night - Original Writing

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Iris sat alone in her empty apartment. Peeking down at her feet as they dangled over the edge of the pink couch, she thought back to when she and her mother had first moved here. The previous owners left their couch behind when they left. She was afraid to even stand near it for fear of what might be lurking beneath the lumpy, stained cushions. Horrifying images of sitting down and being stabbed by a syringe, or bitten by a rat, or having a giant cockroach creep up her arm flashed through Iris ' little mind whenever she layed eyes on it. But now this couch was her place now, it was where she would sit to watch movies or cuddle up when she was scared. And more and more frequently it was the place where she slept.
On nights when her mother brought home one of her boyfriends, Iris was kicked out of the bed they shared and ended up on that couch. She never slept well on nights such as these. The cushions were uncomfortable to lie down on, and the living room was pitch black at night. Not to mention the loud noises that tended to drift through the thin door of the bedroom.
Every time she heard her mother call out a man 's name it ignited a small flame of anger and indignation in her heart. She shouldn 't have to sleep out here in the cold, scary living room all alone while some man took her place in the bed. She hated all of those men with a passion. They were nothing, yet fully capable of stealing her mother away from her completely. They only wanted to use her mother, why did
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