The Night - Original Writing

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The building has erupted into a fury of unnatural swaying motions. Bright flames now rage around me as if they themselves are the tongues of death trying to reach out, grasp me, and lick my last breath away with their suffocating smoke. I start yelling in a coughing voice, which is rapidly being choked away by all of the smoke inhalation. I am praying that someone can hear my hoarse voice over the noise of the deafening angry flames. The flames are reaching out towards me even closer and again I yell!

“Wake up! Wake up my love!”

My eyes opened, my heart was pounding like a wild drum embedded in the deepest part of my chest, and I was being held and kissed by my wife.

“It was only a bad dream my love. You were screaming and turning in your sleep, but I am here to hold you and love all your bad dreams away.”

I reached out and held her close to my heart. I felt the smoothness of her long light brown hair that is blessed with touches of red. I took in the heart fluttering sight of her perfect elegant smile. My eyes then connected to hers like a magnet and I looked deep into her vivid silvery blue sparkling eyes. The sparkle of her eyes is the truest reflection of her sparkling optimistic character. When she is in my arms our hearts beat the melody of love in perfect sync. She has been my wife for five years now, but she never ceases to delight me. I put my lips against her ears and said, “You always take away my fears and you always love all my troubles away.”

A loud

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