The Night - Original Writing

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The walls of the shaft violently shuddered, the ground shook, rocks tumbled and a deep rumbling sound filled my ears. The workers around me were yelling and running to safety, I ran too but I realised I had to go back and get it, I just had too. I blacked out and was awoken by Jim, he was shaking me, trying to get me back to consciousness. It felt like I was paralysed, I couldn’t move or talk. I looked around in a haze, there was no one in sight, all I could feel was the agonising pain in my leg. I looked down to my leg wrapped in a jacket, covered in blood. When I finally regained function I was bombarded by Jim questioning “why would you do that Robbie, why would you run into danger?”, I just stared blankly in response. “We are stuck in here, the rest got out, why would you go back?” he asked angrily. I replied with “I had to get this” while looking down to the small ratty teddy bear I held in the calloused palm of my hand.

The day my sweet daughter gifted me with that bear will forever be embedded in my memory. It all started on a cloudy day in May, I walked up the path to my home surrounded by limp and lifeless tulips and could not help but smirk at our resemblance. I had been out of work for seven months, applying for hundreds of jobs, yet to be successful. I was depressed and angry that I was not able to help my family, we were struggling and I was the root of the cause. I lumbered through the front door only to be greeted by Ava, my beautiful six year old daughter,…

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