The Night - Original Writing

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Everything was grey wonderful grey. Grey cloudy skies. Life felt still, empty, and quiet outside. So quiet. Then something clicked in my mind and noise filled my head getting rid of the empty feeling and filling it up with life. 
White windowless houses all side by side for miles. If not for the door a house would be blank. Some house didn 't even have doors. They were the new models of houses. I walked on the street because there are no roads to walk on. 
The sight of ever lasting green trees came into my view. And I knew I had reached the park. The park full of plants that never died. And there he was. It was the first time I saw him like this. 
The first time I could see him in real life. I could just barely see his dark almost black eyes under his dark brown bangs. His skin was pale white just like mine. I noticed how his face changed from a distant gaze into a bright lit up smile when he saw me. 
"You came!" I felt shocked to hear his voice. 
It sounded familar like as if I had forgotten it. I had forgotten what a voice could sound like. I opened my mouth to try and speak but nothing came out. He looked at me puzzled by how mute I was. 
"Come on it 's not that hard. Don 't tell me you 've forgotten how to talk as well." His voice full of disappointment made me want to speak to him and tell him I could talk. 
His face perked up. "Go on." He encouraged me. 
"I... I can talk." I was surprised by my own voice. It had been a long time since I needed to speak. 

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