The Night - Original Writing

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Arlo stood on the side of the street walk staring. An object in the window had caught his wandering gaze. It 's sheen of gold, caused him to stand with his eyes transfixed upon the shops outside window. Snow was falling down upon the street walk and covered it with a soft layer of white. Footprints scattered through it, like gaping holes to reveal a hard layer of concrete that lay beneath. Arlo huddled with his jacket, he was shivering and he thought it best to find somewhere warm. The shop seemed like a good place to relax and heat up, before he set out into the cold air again. He arrived at the front door. He was still shivering from the cold air and struggled to pull the handle. After a brief battle with the door handle he succeeded…show more content…
He held out his hand in an attempt to pick it up but a squealing voice from just behind him, caused him to jump into the air out of sheer panic. "NOTOUCHING." The voice had yelled. "Right." Arlo said in an attempt to compose himself. "No...Touching." "Sorry. I didn 't mean to make you jump." She said laughing "No it 's fine." Arlo said with a flourish of red starting to appear in his cheeks. She laughed. Arlo didn 't know if she was laughing at him, or whether she was recalling some since forgotten memory that this had reminded her of. He looked quizzical and she brought it to his attention almost immediately. "You okay there." "Yeah I 'm fine." Arlo said quickly adjusting himself. "Um...So, what 's good in here?" He continued in an awkward manner. "Well. Mr..." "Glimp." Arlo said. "Urgh, that 's horrible, what 's your first name." Arlo looked slightly taken aback but smiled along with her, in an attempt to remain composed and not seem like to much of a buzzkill, before acknowledging her request. "Well, Arlo. What are you looking for?" "To be honest. I 'm not entirely sure." "Well... If you don 't know what you 're looking for. How am I supposed to help." She smiled and walked back towards the register, leaving Arlo dumbstruck next to the window. He didn 't know how to feel, he was suffering from two conflicting emotions, on one end he was slightly annoyed that she had walked off without helping him but on the other he

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