The Night - Original Writing

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It was like any other show. A mixture of nervousness and excitement filled the air which, surprisingly, smelled just like the hairspray which hung over the freshly-curled heads of hair of the group of dancers which I stood with. The lights were dim in the side stage wing, allowing me to see only the silhouette of my friend, Jade, who stood impatiently next to me.
Jade and I were dressed identically, both in glittering orange and red costumes. Her hair was curled into tight ringlets of thick black hair. Our costumes were flowing orange pants, printed in whimsical Arabian prints and a red blouse which sparkled faintly under the dull backstage lighting.
“Who’s seeing you tonight?” Jade said in a hushed tone. The full audience was only a closed curtain away, so it was essential to stay quiet.
“No one,” I replied, “Most of my friends are busy. Who’s coming to see you?”
“Aunts, Uncles, school friends, and my choir teacher,” Jade said, counting off each person on her fingers as she said their name.
“Wow, aren’t you popular?” I smiled, and she giggled in response. A short announcement reminding the audience to turn off their cell phones prompted the show’s overture. I did what I had done for many shows before this one, and took 3 deep breaths. As my cue neared, I lined up in the narrow wing. The music swelled to cue my entrance, and I stepped onstage with the line of dancers, including myself and Jade. The stage lights shined brightly through the orange, red, and yellow cells, which…

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