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She rushed home after work telling Rachael of her dinner plans for the night and she promised she wouldn’t interrupt them. She did however want a full report of the night’s events the following day. Lila had decided to go with something more casual since they weren’t actually going out for dinner this time. She settled for a pair of jeans and soft green sweater. She twirled around a couple of times happy with the way things fit, put on her coat and headed out. As she rode up the elevator to his apartment, she was becoming nervous. She wiped her hands down the front of her jeans silently praying they weren’t going to be sweaty all night. It wasn’t as if this was their first date, it wasn’t. But things seemed be different now. She wasn’t…show more content…
It was her belief one must always wear an apron in the kitchen as to not spoil your clothes.” He placed a glass of water in front of her with a flourish. “She sounds like a very wise woman your grandmother,” she smiled. “She was quite the individual,” he said as he finished bringing the rest of the dishes over to the table. Once everything was arranged the way he wanted it, he removed the apron laying it on the counter top before taking his seat. Lila filled her plate. She never was one of those girls who believed in eating like a bird when out on a date. She never understood the mentality behind it. If you were hungry, you ate, simple. She doubted anyone was ever fooled by the three bite girls and claims of being full. Not only was it a waste of a good meal, but they would end up at home stuffing their faces afterwards because they were starving. How they figured they fooled anyone was beyond her. She put a piece of the duck in her mouth and closed her eyes. It positively exploded with flavor in her mouth. Keith sat back and watched. He was happily surprised at her reaction to the food as well as the amount she had on her plate for such a little thing. The look of bliss on her face made it all worthwhile. She had a quirky, adorable demeanor about her and seemed well grounded in addition to being inquisitive so far. The obvious pleasure she was getting from simply eating made her an absolute treasure. He smiled to himself and started to eat his own meal

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