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It was nearing midnight by now. The light snowfall made the night even darker, and the windshield wipers were the only thing making a sound, besides the slight rumble of the engine. Pulling into a driveway, an upper class man named Zachariah started the winding stretch that was his driveway to his mansion of a house. Trees lined the little dirt path up until the final stretch of the driveway, where it opened up into a large green field adorned with a Victorian Mansion located at the top of a small hill. Many nights Zachariah would sit atop the third floor balcony, gazing over his small fields and staring into the night sky. The majority of these types of nights were ones plagued with nightmares, ones filled with terrible monsters and…show more content…
He stepped forward and raised his arms in a hugging gesture. Loraine 's violet nightgown dragged slightly along the cold stone as she reached out to hug her husband. As they embraced, Zachariah could smell the lavender scent from her shampoo, and hugged her even tighter. They released, but still kept each other close as they stepped inside the house, Zachariah so distracted from everything besides his wife he left the suitcase lying on porch, to be buried under the still falling snow. It would not be until they had made it into the kitchen that either of them would speak. It would be Loraine that broke the silence. “Are you feeling well hunny? I know it is very late but I made some soup not long ago, and I am sure it is still quite warm. Oh, how tired you look. Come, sit down,” motioning to the chair at the head of the small table in the corner of their kitchen. Zachariah simply shook his head and apologized, saying that he was too beaten by work to be able to even do the smallest activities besides sleep. Ever an understanding wife, Loraine took his arm and guided him down the hallway and up the stairs to the third floor, where their bedroom was located. At the top of the stairs she left him to get ready, as she needed to clean up the kitchen and make sure everything was locked up. Zachariah went to the bedroom, and paused a moment before walking in. The mere sight of his bed sometimes caused him troubles, and he needed to prepare himself before he

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