The Night - Original Writing

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The crowd filled out of the arena, the buzz and excitement leaving with them. Dark walls echoed the heavy sounds of the metal equipment as it was scraped across the floor by the road crew. In the absence of the band, the crowd and the music, the atmosphere seemed as bleak and empty as the crowd floor itself. Suddenly, echoes of past joyous screams were replaced by a single, blood curdling scream coming from the direction of the cloakroom. The sound, filled with fear, tore through the arena and bounced off hard walls, sending instant shivers down the spines of the stage crew. The band’s manager, Stewart, ran down the bleak hallway to find a cleaner, standing in terror facing the centre of the large, well lit room. A strong,…show more content…
He felt like the room was spinning while he was motionless in the middle of it. How could this happen? It was Ben Jackson. The lead singer of the band. ****************************** DCI Jonathon Smith sauntered in, wearing a sleek black suit which contrasted with his pale, gaunt skin. His steel grey eyes swept across the scene, analysing everything from behind the vibrant ‘Crime Scene. Do Not Cross’ tape. He noted how quickly the team managed to tape it off – and how the usually busy area was clear. He was impressed; it must’ve been difficult, especially with such a high profile victim. The DCI’s eyes darted to the body, his mind immediately began of every possible theory behind the victims death. A bad argument with security? A crazed fan? An inside job? His thoughts were interrupted as DC Reynolds came bustling over, sorting through the masses of paperwork in his white gloved hands. DC Reynolds began to update DCI Smith in a hoarse voice. “Forensics say the initial cause of death was electrocution. Guitar was wired wrong apparently. As soon as it was switched on that was it – he was a goner.” DC Reynolds eyes glazed over; he seemed lost in his own thoughts. DCI Smith raised his eyebrows, expecting the DC to continue. “Is that all you have to tell me from the two hours you’ve been here?” DCI Smith was not a fan of time wasting. “Oh, no... sorry. The victims’ throat has also been disfigured – badly. I guess the
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