The Night - Original Writing

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The Call I’m waiting outside a dark apartment complex parking lot. The monsoon has finally calmed down and know there is light raining and wind. This day has already been an eventful day especially after my tree was uprooted and destroyed my neighbors brick wall. I’m waiting on my brothers wife who called me in a crying panic to hurry over to their apartment. Once I get there ,she has my niece and nephew with her , she asks me to take her to Maryvale Hospital. I asked her what happened and where is my brother, she says he was picked up by the paramedics and on route to Maryvale Hospital to be admitted. She explained to me that he had been sick for weeks and refused to see a doctor. He was complaining about not being able to breathe and feeling nauseous, he thought he had bronchitis. Before she called me he was in the bathroom and wouldn’t allow her to come inside to check on him because he was vomiting. Once he stopped she called his name but there was no answer, she went inside and found him unconscious, she immediately called emergency and started CPR. Once the paramedics arrived they took him and told her to meet them at Maryvale Hospital. When we arrived at the hospital I asked what room he was admitted in, they couldn’t find him. I explained what happened to the receptionist and that he should be here. The receptionist went to look for help then returned with a nurse who led us to a small room. There we met a doctor who was taking care of my brother. He

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