The Night - Original Writing

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In the early morning in the magical forest, we lived in a cabin. The sun gleaming through the leafs on the trees, the water glowing blue as it flows down from the melting snow as it falls into the lake.

I wake to the piercing sound of a dragon roar. I run down the wooden stairs creaking beneath my feet, and smashing open the door. But realizing there is nothing there. The only thing there is Piper, who is barking to her heart 's content. I was probably just imagining things I said to myself. I should probably get you some breakfast Piper. I sit down at my table with paper at my side going on her steak. I noticed we are running out of food. I sigh. looks like we 're going to go hunting again. I look at Piper and say stay. I love my
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I am a fast fluffy wolf.
“What are the chances of that!”
Running as fast as I can to get to my cabin. Reaching the cabin I can see it over the horizon. But there is a dragon flying over my house. The dragon catches me out of the corner of his eyes and soars away.
I look at John, “can you help me fix it?”
“Of course.”
I wake to the sound of bashing and hammering. I slowly get up. Yes! No dragon yelling in my face. I should probably tame that dragon. let’s go to the market for supplies.
We get on our horses and ride of. As we approach the market I watch the fish in the bright blue river. We start walking through the market looking at all the colorful tent tops, But one catches my eye. The one that has two colors.
“That looks interesting.”
“Cool it sells magic
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