The Night - Original Writing

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I woke up and did what I do every morning at the lake- look out the window to see how windy it is out. This morning there was no wind so I jumped out of bed and went outside. I ran to the dock and looked out at the water. The sun was shining down already producing heat. The water was still, there was no noise and most people were still sleeping. My brother came and joined my on the dock admiring the water as well. “You ready to go?” Tanner asked. “Definitely,” I replied. We went back in the house and got out swimsuits on. We stepped in the water to go under the boat when my body froze, “It is freezing!” I said. We got the boat off the lift and tied it to the dock, then went to the garage to get out stuff out. We each grabbed our own…show more content…
The pain shot down by back and up my neck so fast like a lightening bolt. I dropped the rope handle as soon as I had hit the surface of the water, laying in the water motionless, the board still strapped to my feet. I tried to move and got that shooting pain again so I just floated as still as I could. I heard all of the boat motors both in the water and in the air as my head would bob up down, up, down. The boat came around me and my family knew right away I was hurt. They didn’t realize it when it happened, but they did now. My brother surged in the water and took off my wakeboard from my feet. He slipped it into the boat and then tried to hoist me up into the boat as my uncle grasped my life jacket, pulling me in. I told them I thought I had broken my arm. I spun around for everyone to see and they all cringed, something was unquestionably damaged. My uncle told me to move my arm and when I couldn’t he told me I dislocated it. It was a beautiful sunny day, but suddenly it felt dark and gloomy. We arrived at the dock and all got out, my parents rushed to the dock wondering what was wrong. I tried to remain placid even though I was in excruciating pain.
It wasn’t an evident dislocation where my arm was all twisted up, my hand and arm were still facing the right direction, but my shoulder was bulging out from my back and the top of my shoulder was almost to my head clearly looking awkward. “Oh my goodness, get in the truck we need to go to

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