The Night - Original Writing

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Bailey and I finished breakfast, and cleaned up the dishes and table in silence. I didn’t know what I said to shut him up. Maybe I asked too many questions about that girl and what he was going to do once he found her. “I think I better get going.” I said, after we put the last dish away. “Okay.” he said, without even trying to persuade me to stay. We stood in his kitchen in silence for a few moments. “Okay.” I said, and I turned around and headed toward the front door. Bailey appeared in front of the door before I could grab the doorknob. “I guess I’ll see you later tonight?” I asked. “Yeah.” Bailey said. He didn’t move. “Are you going to let me leave?” I asked, hoping he wouldn’t. “Not without this.” he said as he hugged me. We…show more content…
I didn’t know how I could explain it to him. But, maybe he would understand. I decided to just let it be for a while. “Nothing.” I said. “I have to go.” Bailey moved to the side as I reached for the doorknob, opened the door, and walked out. Chapter 7: Gone I walked through the front door, went up the stairs, and laid on my bed. Nicolle walked into my room. “So, how was Bailey?” I sighed. “What’d he do?” Nicolle asked. “He just--” I groaned. “I shouldn’t be mad, but he won’t frickin talk about the girl who turned him. I asked him questions and all I got was vague answers.” Nicolle stood by my door for a minute and came and sat by me on my bed. “Maybe it’s hard for him to talk about her.” Nicolle said. I thought for a moment. “I see your point, but why? Why would it be hard for him? It just doesn’t make any sense.” “I don’t know what to do.” Nicolle said. “Maybe you just have to get over it, or try to push it out of him, but then you might end up making him mad.” “Yeah…” I said. “But, I want to know.” “Just don’t make him mad, okay?” Nicolle said. “I’ll try not to.” Nicolle smiled and walked out of my room. I felt really sleepy, even though I had taken a nap over at Bailey’s. I was so tired, I fell asleep. I woke up and looked at my clock. I had only been asleep for an hour and a half. I still laid in my bed, thinking about what to do about Bailey. I decided to do my worse decision; to go confront Bailey about it. I got up from my bed and drove over
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