The Night - Original Writing

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Every day begins the same as any; the sun rises and journeys through the sky as it’s supposed to, the clouds dance to the chirping beat of the birds. I throw myself out of bed as I stare at this pleasant sight and wonder what great fun it would be if I had been blessed with a pair of wings with which I could use to dive into the sky leaving my beloved ones behind. Early in the morning, I wonder as to what has become of all of us. The whole family used to be so open and affectionate and there would be hugs, cuddles and kisses everywhere. After the passing away of dad, no one comes to visit us anymore, not even a courtesy call. Have we become that boring or are people just held up in their own webs? When dad was around, the house never used to be silent. Honestly, I hated when people came knocking on our doors all the time because this impacted our family time. The only people I loved to have around were ma and pa, our grandparents. They are good fun to hang around with. Ma is quite tight with me, we have always bonded. We share books, recipes, movies and what not! Dad died six months ago, I force myself to not think about it every day as it ends up making my whole day gloomy and dull. Not only does it let me down, but it also affects the people close to me like mum. I try my best to keep mum going, she needs my support. She is such a beautiful woman, kind at heart and very soft spoken. Mum and I maintain such a close relationship, we are always there for each other no

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