The Night - Original Writing

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I stood there silently staring at the large black box. My hands were tucked away in my pockets and I felt them begin to dampen with sweat. I felt cold shivers come over my body and I could easily hear my heart beat in my chest. The rhythm was anything but steady. Each thud seemed to tremble in fear. In sadness. In emotions that I couldn 't even begin to explain. My mind felt tired, like it had fallen asleep and I had no intention of waking it back up. The only consequence to that is just one thought was present. I couldn 't save her. Belle. A name that meant beauty. And beautiful she was. From the moment I met her to the last time I saw her sparkling eyes. I was absolutely captivated by her beauty. Inside and out. That was the thing…show more content…
And that 's where I met her. We had just finished and I was heading backstage when I saw her struggling with one of our security guards. She looked harmless so instinctively I ran over and asked them to let her go. I still remember the shocked look on her face when she realized I was a member of the band she had snuck in to see and that I was practically saving her from utter embarrassment. I smiled warmly and she returned the gesture hesitantly. I told her to follow me and I brought her backstage into my dressing room where I awkwardly questioned her. She seemed totally unsure of me at the beginning but towards the end of our conversation she seemed more comfortable. When I was told to get on the tour bus as we were traveling to our next gig I confidently came up to Belle and gave her a hug which she returned much to my pleasure. As I walked out to join the others I thought I would never see this girl again. The girl with the name that meant beauty. The girl that changed my life from the moment I met her. But boy was I wrong. And I was glad I had been. The church was empty by now, but I still stood there on the cold floor. I had finally slowed my heart rate and my intake of oxygen was normal so I didn 't feel as dizzy as I had before. I just felt empty. See, Belle had filled that void. The void that I hadn 't even noticed was there until she was taken from me. I heard a sniffle from behind me and turned to see a girl who I
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