The Night - Original Writing

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The week passed so fast that I barely remember from day to day what happened. The only days that I was sure of were the days that Louis visited. Our petting became so heavy at times that I nearly gave into him, but then my common sense would take over and save me. It was not that I thought he would abandon me at the altar; it was just that it was supposed to be that way. People were supposed to marry to enjoy the learning of and exploring of each other’s bodies, right. At least that was what I thought. However, Angelique had other ideas. Several days before the wedding, she took me to La Nouvelle-Orléans. She told my father that it was to finish alterations on my gown; I knew she lied. I was to marry wearing her gown- she had already had it altered to fit me perfectly.
When we arrived at our rooms, she had the servants draw a hot bath. While we waited, she poured us each a glass of wine. It was the first time I had ever been allowed to drink wine. Angelique said now that I was to marry, it was allowed. After I finished the wine, she instructed me to get into the tub.
I got in and slipped beneath the hot water. It was very relaxing. A servant began massaging my body with a soapy sponge. Angelique gave me another glass of wine, which I drunk a little too fast; then she poured me some more.
The hot soapy water felt good. The feel of the sponge making small firm circles on my skin was soothing. When the hand holding the sponge stalled over my breast, it did not bother me, and
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