The Night - Original Writing

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I waited silently, not daring to move, not even to breathe. I crouched behind the door, curling myself into the smallest shape possible, hoping I would not be found. Outside, the floorboards groaned in protest as the creature stalked ever closer towards me. I swallowed a huge lump in my throat, which was threatening to choke me. I waited. Suddenly, it happened. A gnarly hand clasped around my coat collar and lifted me into the muddled shadows of one of the upstairs hallways in Saint Luke 's Church. “Ay, mates! I 've got the bugger!” Running footfalls echoed through the hall. I sneered angrily at the man, but he only shook me, jostling my shoulders and whacking my teeth together with the impact. “A little ‘un, is it?” “Only a boy!” The men circled around me and the man holding me, who was wearing a white robe. All of the other men standing around wore gray robes, or everyday clothing. The white probably indicated that the man with his fist latched onto my collar was a prelate. “I 'll dispose of him,” the white robed man grunted. He lowered me so my legs could touch the ground, then began to drag me out of the church. “Don 't hurt me!” I screamed when he lifted me up to throw me out the door. “Please! I 'm only a beggar!” He sighed and lowered his arm, defeated. “I wasn 't going to hurt you,” he replied roughly. He opened the heavy oak door slowly and shoved me through it. “And don 't come back!” he called after me as I ran. I squinted up at the sunlight and
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