The Night Santa Didn't Come: A Short Story Essay

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It was a week before Christmas. Everybody was getting ready for Santa Claus to come!Even Ginger was getting ready for Christmas. She was hanging with her 7 year old neighbor Bob when they were decorating her tree.
"Can you pass me the garland please"asked Ginger.
"Sure here you go."Bob replied.
"Thank you!"
"Your welcome!"
"What are we going to do after we finish decorating the tree?"
"We can go outside."
"We can also finish decorating inside or we can go decorate your tree."
"Ooo ooo we can decorate my tree next!"
"Okay, but first we should finish decorating my tree."
"Now lets put on the ornaments."
{Knock knock}
"Who is it?"
"Oh come in."
"Hello Ginger."
"Hello Valerie."
"Did you decorate your tree
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I hope you like you gold pair of earrings."
"I do i love them."
{Ginger hugs Valerie}
"Ginger you really showed me the true spirit of Christmas. Thank you."
"Your welcome Valerie. I'm glad the real you is back."
"Me too."
"Do you want to eat diner with us tonight?"
"I would, but I would like to spend the rest of the holiday with my family."
"Well you can I invited them for diner tomorrow too."
"Okay then sure I will see you tomorrow okay I am going to spend the rest of tonight with my family."
{Christmas morning}
"MOM , DAD Where is the presents?"
{Ring ring ring}
"Hello Valerie did Santa come to your house last night?"
"No did he come to your house?"
"No he didn't go to Bobs either."
In the background it said on the news that Santa was not able to make it this year and that no one will be recieveing presents under their tree.I am sorry to everyone who was egarly waiting for Santa Claus. His sleigh broke down and the toys all broke. He said to tell yous all to have a Merry Christmas. Also he said "Ho Ho Ho."Then everyone was happy to be with their family even though Santa didn't come. They all agreed that the presents don't matter it is the time they get to spend with their family. Ginger was happy she got her friend Valerie back into Christmas spirit. Then they all gathered at the table and ate
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