The Night Sky - Original Writing

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It was a dark and stormy night, the wind blows as the ghostly moonlight filled the darkness. George the highwayman made his way toward Bess the innkeeper’s daughter. She was gazing out the window when the two of their eyes met. Hers, black as the night sky, and a dark red love knot placed on her hair. A red dress made of the fabric silk. Her hair was a dark brown, but could have been mistaken as black. Her outfit fit her personality as much as it did the highwayman. I hope he loves poetry. Bess thought. He rides toward her on his horse dressed in a fancy cloak colored velvet, with a curled white wig and doe brown skin, lace wrapped around his chin, and the most beautiful brown eyes anyone had ever seen. His boots sitting as high…show more content…
Suddenly, George pulled out his pistol and shot at the redcoat closest to him.
“How does a silver bullet feel in your gut.” George squaked. Then the second redcoat came up and cried,
“I wouldn’t know, you didn’t hit me!” The two remaining redcoats chased after George for as long as they could.
“Yip yip,” George tells his horse with a calm voice, “try and catch me, and I will give up my fortune to you.” The redcoats continue to play in George’s game. The redcoats sped up and suddenly called,
“Highwayman, slow down or force will be a factor of this chase.” George wittingly says,
“Ok, if we have to!” George shoots the third redcoat. Now only one redcoat remains. The last red coat shrills at George, “ Alas, it is the end for you.” The redcoat pulls out his weapon and shoots for the highwayman’s head. “You missed,” George implies angrily, “and you shot my hat.”
George whips out his sword and turns around toward the red coat. He takes his head with one clean swipe of the blade. By the time George finds the perfect gift, it is already nighttime. He has no idea the other redcoats are tracking down Bess while he is still riding back to her. They raid the inn and drink all the ale. The redcoats quickly make their way to Bess’s room, and tie her hands with a rope on the foot of her bed. I’ve got to find a way to warn the highwayman. Bess inferred.
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