The Night That Changed My Life

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It was dark that night the days leading up to the event were calm, quite and chilly you could feel it in your bones that something was about to happen soon. That night the air was fresh and crisp you could smell the water in a distance and knowing that it would be relaxing if you stepped into the chilly water. That night wasn’t like most typical nights it seemed like it wasn’t real. It was the night that changed my life; the night I meet the person I knew I would spend the rest of my life with. His name was Jim. The thing is he loved me, he truly did he loved me as much as I loved him. But the thing is his love was like the wind. He would come and go his love made me go numb it was like an ocean of cold water swept my body away. The love we had between each other was something that wasn’t normal. In fact, he wasn’t normal. At first he seemed like a knight in shining armor instead he was a knight in black armor. When they first met he gave me attention and endless love as time went on she began to notice little changes in him. His temper was the first thing I noticed he would pick little fights with me at first then he began to scream at me. One day he saw me talking to another person of our city when we got home that day he started to yell at me like I’ve never seen and for some reason he pushed me away for the first time. That was the first night he left it was a full moon. As he was leaving I began to follow him I noticed that he changed. Not in personality but in
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