The Night Watches Of The Buddha

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Question 2 Analyze the night Watches of the Buddha, and explain how the content was developed in the Mahayana Sutras. Mahayana Buddhism is originated in the first century C.E. and focuses on "new concern for liberation through the assistance of a bodhisattva" (Voorst ). Also, Mahayana Buddhism "requires a body of scripture, and so began the Mahayana Canon" (Voorst ). Mahayana Sutras is one of section of the Mahayana Canon, which focuses on "the denial of the reality of existence and nonexistence" in philosophical discussion (VOORST ). In the content of night Watches, it was developed in Mahayana Sutras and Night of Watches explains how Siddhartha Buddha reached Nirvana. This research examines the Watches of the nights and analyzes how it …show more content…
This is where he realized that the importance of living by the Eightfold Path. During Third watch of the night, he was then able to separate himself from the world and saw how things rising and stopping of all phenomena, particularly, mental and physical. He realized the recognition of the cycle of causality that leads to death and rebirth, and the means of liberation from this cycle. This led him to perceive a suffering of death-rebirth cycle and all forms of un-satisfactoriness giving the way for the eradication of all taints of craving. Therefore, he discovered the Four Noble Truth and finally reached Nirvana. Thus, "He, the holy one," has a perfect knowledge and "become perfectly wise, Bhagavata, the Arhart, the king of the Law, the Tathagata, the one who has attained the knowledge of all forms" (VOORST ). In conclusion, these are the Night of Watches in Buddhism and it is a fundamental idea of Buddhism and the four noble truth and Eightfold Path are the significant Buddhism teaching.

Question 3 Compare, contrast and exemplify the role of Chi in Daoism and Confucianism thought This research will compare, contrast and exemplify the role of Chi in Daoism and Confucianism thought. Firstly, this research compares these two religion’s basic practice and to see both belief and practice. Then this research examines how both religions interpret the role

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