The Night Watches Of The Buddha

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Question 2 Analyze the night Watches of the Buddha, and explain how the content was developed in the Mahayana Sutras. Mahayana Buddhism is originated in the first century C.E. and focuses on "new concern for liberation through the assistance of a bodhisattva" (Voorst ). Also, Mahayana Buddhism "requires a body of scripture, and so began the Mahayana Canon" (Voorst ). Mahayana Sutras is one of section of the Mahayana Canon, which focuses on "the denial of the reality of existence and nonexistence" in philosophical discussion (VOORST ). In the content of night Watches, it was developed in Mahayana Sutras and Night of Watches explains how Siddhartha Buddha reached Nirvana. This research examines the Watches of the nights and analyzes how it is developed in the Mahayana Sutras. While the first watch of the night, Siddhartha Gautama’s mind was "supreme calm", clear and purified when the light was raised in him as well as knowledge and insight raised. He saw "continuous series of all his former births" and even he saw more than hundred and thousands of his previous life (VOORST ). Therefore, he stated that "there too I had such a name, belonged to such a clan, had such an appearance. Such was my food, such my experience of pleasure & pain, and such the end of my life. Passing away from that state, I re-arose here" (Bhikkhu ). Thus he realized that he remembered his manifold past lives in their modes and gained knowledge of the cycle of death and rebirth. After he experienced…

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