The Night Were The Flashes

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I that I could remember from that night were the flashes. Brian was on the ground and there was blood…so much blood.
I can’t recall if it was mine or his. One thing I do know is that there was the sound of bullets ringing. I can still hear echoes in my ears even now after all this time. I could still feel the recoil of the pistol that was in my hand. I must have just dropped it in the panic to get out of there.
And the stench of them… It was… It was a horrid smell. One that’s still etched in my memory. Nearly impossible to describe but if I had to, it was made up of burnt bodies, pools of blood, ashes falling, and our own sweat mixed together. I imagine that it smelled like Death, and Death’s smell is the definition of fear

We were so
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Back then, we had ten members of the group. Kevin, Amy, Chris, Kathleen, Thomas, Seamus, Mike, Brian, Jordan, and me. Brian and I were the last ones. I’m not sure how most of us made it that far. We weren’t necessarily what someone would describe at the Strong. Well, Brian was. He was strong. Yet it was me, the weakest of the entire group who couldn’t even drag herself away from the carnage that I had once my friends. Pathetic.

It was on that night. Brian and I were on lookout. It was our job to warn the group across town. We didn’t even have time to light the fires. I can only assume that they became the next meal for the walkers after the group fell. I try my best to keep the mental pictures of their skin being torn and chewed off of their limbs out of my head. I try not to remember the screaming… To this day, I can’t even remember specifically if it was mine or theirs. All I know is that it’ll haunt me for the rest of my living days.

Brian had always been the one to fight. He was the one who fought while I was stuck standing there frozen in panic and fear. He was a hero. He always had been. Brian was the one dragging a victim out of the fires, out of the city that was littered with the bodies. The bodies that the walkers and whatever other monsters came for. All the nightmares your parents told you not to believe in, all the demons that we mocked and dressed as on Halloween, turned out to be the ones to take back the world for themselves. Humans were to be
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