The Night of Fire

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The Night (Fire engine, boys, rain)

April 24th, 2012; the sound of the news on the television hums in the background drowned out by people talking and laughing. Fire Station 141 is buzzing with life; everything is in calm and peaceful; when suddenly a loud screaming sound rings through the brick walls. All of the men in the station startle to attention and rush around in organized chaos. The shuffling of boots on the smooth concrete floors and ruffling of thick fire suits is drowned out by the resounding alarm. The men pile into the large red trucks and screech out of the station. The alarm becomes silent and the station is abandoned and the only sound it the news humming in the background. The men hardly fit in the small quarters of the truck. The smell of burnt rubber and gasoline fill the cramped space. The sirens atop the thick metal roof of the truck bounce back and forth on houses and cars nearby. Dark clouds start to form above the speeding truck and soon the rain is playing a soft beat on the roof. The cold weather creates a pale fog against the window. Everything starts to slow down and become faded, the dark night outside the window now is everywhere and a group of boys are playing baseball. The ball is a dirty cream color and is throwing off water as it spins through the air, then smack it hits a leather glove with an explosion of water up into a young boy’s smiling face. There is a newspaper on the ground that is soaked but the date says April 24th, 1986.
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