The Nightmare Before Christmas

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The Nightmare before Christmas

The Plot
Halloweentown is a fantasy land overflowing with ghosts, vampires, and witches. Jack is the leader of this town and is known as the “Pumpkin King”. Jack realizes he has grown tired of the same routine, and is faced with an identity crisis.
As Jack wonders through the forest he stumbles upon a doorway to Christmastown, he is impressed by the excitement and feeling of Christmas. Jack shows Halloweentown what he has found and tries to explain Christmas. He decides to take over Christmas by getting the residents of Halloweentown to follow through with his plan. Part of his plan is to get the kid trio to kidnap “Sandy Claws’’. Sally has a horrible premonition that Jack’s Christmas is going to go all
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This never happens when Sally raises valid concerns about the change. Jack also fails to analysis the gaps between the team`s knowledge and understanding for the new direction.
Jack posses the ability to influence his peers with his charismatic nature. Although, he does lack leadership by not delegating duties with structural goals attached to reflect the desired outcome. Therefore, he loses sight of the workday operations. It is only then on Christmas Eve that he realizes his team has not entirely understood his vision.
To articulate his vision, Jack needs to open the channels of communication and circulate input and feedback. It is then that Jack will learn that he needs to install a new culture within the team. Through education, support, and guidance the team will understand the core competencies of Christmas and will surely buy-in to change.
Issues of Importance
The Nightmare before Christmas had a couple of issues that needed to be address before improving the takeover of Christmas. There are four serious issues that occurred in order of importance. Firstly, Jack had no clear vision. What vision he did have, he was incapable of communicating it clearly. When Jack tried to explain ``Jolly`` his team was unsure of the definition and they went back to their original core values by creating ghoulish toys for Christmas.
Secondly, Jack needed to create a sense of urgency and a need for change. Jack was able to create this by communicating his vision by
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