The Nike of Samothrace, the Hellenestic Mystery

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The Nike of Samothrace, the Hellenistic Mystery
Mysteries happen in the world constantly and are researched in and out to find out how and why. The Nike of Samothrace is one of those mysteries. This sculpture’s past is hidden and not much is known about it. However, what is known about it is quite fascinating. The Nike of Samothrace is a Hellenistic sculpture of Nike, the Greek goddess of Victory. The Nike’s past describes how it affected it’s civilization and it’s importance in history. The Nike of Samothrace’s history is quite fascinating, it brings questions about how or why it was created. But truth be told, we don’t really know why or how. We have yet to figure out who created the Nike, but we have some evidence about why they did. Although the Nike of Samothrace provides us with such information, without the missing pieces we're still missing a large majority of it.The Nike of Samothrace has importance to the world because of it's source. It provides us with some information on why it was created.It still gives information, though it may be small.
The Nike of Samothrace was originally discovered in the island of Samothrace, located in north-eastern Greece. It is estimated to have been created in around 200-190 BCE but the sculptor is unknown. In March 1863, a French vice-consul in modern-day Turkey set out to explore the ruins of Samothrace. In April of 1863, Charles and his workers discovered various parts of a large female statue but never found the head and arms.

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