The Nile River Essay

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Despite the large size of the African continent and the many geographical factors that encompass it, there is seemingly one stream of water that virtually everyone in the world knows, the Nile River. What most do not know is that the Nile originates from two separate locations, with two major tributaries. The tributary in the east, the Blue Nile, begins from Lake Tana in Ethiopia and the tributary in the west, the White Nile, begins in Uganda. Both travel hundreds of miles until they reach their confluence in Khartoum, Sudan, where they merge into the mighty Nile River. Similar to this idea of two smaller distinct rivers forming one larger and more recognizable one is the relationship between the local and the global in African-American history. Just as the White and Blue Niles come together to form the imperative Nile river, the U.S. based Civil Rights Movement and the struggle for freedom in colonial states across the world are two imperative parts of a struggle against oppression. The authors of the readings present the idea that the local and the global are two necessary parts of whole, filled with intertwining events and aspects. In this essay, I will discuss the mutually beneficial goals of the domestic civil rights movement & international movements abroad, along with how they affected one another.
Although we often focus on African-American history in a domestic sense, global anti-colonial & pan-African goals are tightly inter-related with civil rights movement,

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