The Nineteen Hundred Years

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c The fourteen hundreds was a very different era then the one of today. Not only have our ways of lives changed, but our views on life itself have all been altered drastically. One thing that haven’t changed over the years, is the human need and want for war. Humans have been engaging in epic battles and wars for two thousand plus years. Although the use of war as a political and social tool has not changed, how we fight these wars have changed dramatically. This is often attributed to many social, political, and technological advancements in the world. These changes would cause the eventual “Limiting” of war, a tactic never before seen and in fact never before needed, a direct consequence of war. During this term we’ve looked at many wars, beginning with the Italian conflicts of 1494, and progressing all the way to the current day war in Syria and Iraq, and the one thing that has changed and shifted the most in these five hundred years is how wars are fought, and most importantly limited warfare. All wars no matter how small or large, have had a watershed impact on the current way we fight and limit wars in the current day. As technological and social changed occur, so did the nature of war, and tactics of war. In the beginning of this course, starting with the Italian wars, which was chaos in an organized fashion. Most Wars in this time period were fought and strategized through Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery, the infantry was dominated by Pike formations, and the
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