'The Ningy Ningy People of the Redcliffe Peninsula'

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The Ningy Ningy People of the Redcliffe Peninsula(Ninge Ninge, Ningi Ningi)The Ningy Ningy, whose name means 'oysters', are identified as being the southern most clan of the Undambi people of the Sunshine Coast. Ningy Ningy are red-ochre people and the traditional owners of my home town, the Redcliffe Peninsula, situated on the coast of South-East Queensland. The ancestral homelands of the Ningy Ningy people extend from the Pine River in the south to Elimbah Creek in the north; and from Old Gympie Road in the west to Pumicestone Passage in the east. The Ningy Ningy dialect is from the Kabi language group and is called Oondoo. Fairhall, P. (1989), 'Ningi Ningi - Our First Inhabitants', Redcliffe Historical Society Inc., Queensland. I was…show more content…
The website immediately provides the user with an abundance of information on the Ningi Ningi people and you are easily able to identify with the areas local indigenous history by reading the sites narratives. Ningi Ningi culture, heritage and environmental issues are also discussed and a comprehensive map of the local area is also easily viewed. The website is also home to Kurbingaibah which is the Ningy Ningy Centre for Indigenous Awareness that was opened officially in Redcliffe in 1997. Kurbingaibah is a Ningy Ningy word that means a place of the 'Kippa Rings' and the area of land has two ceremonial grounds including one of great cultural significance which is still in use today as a sacred area where young boys are initiated into manhood. The website details the centres rapid growth and outlines the list of activities provided by the Ningy Ningy community including cultural education, language classes, workshops, conferences and cultural awareness programs. I find Kurbingaibah to be a significant and exciting example of local indigenous cultural heritage preservation and from now on shall be a regular visitor. There is also a vast array of colour and black and white photos on the website which allows the visitor to view some of our local Indigenous history, both past and present. Ningy Ningy artwork, local wildlife, musicians, songwriters and public ceremonies performed at the Kurbingaibah centre are also featured. Of particular interest is the visual evidence

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