The Nixon Library And The Library

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The Nixon Library is more than just a library alongside the deceased presidents’ name on the wall. The library seemed more like a museum that has sheltered audio and visual displays narrating Richard Nixon’s life throughout the years. The museum is located in the core of the residential city of Yorba Linda, California. The actual location of the library was undisputed when it was being created. It is located on the grounds of Nixon’s first home. The library opened its doors in 1990 as a privately supported institution to educate Californians about the president that emerged from the local suburban town, and since 2007 it has become a federal facility.
The beginning of the tour started off at different positions on the tour. When we started there were two tour guides who started to speak, and then after both guides introduced themselves, they put a question upon the audience. One guide was going to start the tour at the first exhibit, “Road to Presidency”; the other guide was going to start at a film, "Never Give Up: Richard Nixon in the Arena". I ended up choosing the latter, the 23 minute film that described Nixon’s life and professional career.
After viewing the brief film, the first exhibit that was displayed on the tour was titled “Road to Presidency.” The main part of the exhibit was a historical document; it housed an 1832 engraving of the Declaration of Independence. It also had displays, which presented the political path to Nixon’s presidency. Richard Nixon…
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