The, No Bread For Thanksgiving

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Joseph Nguyen MMBio 240 O’Neil Sorry, No Bread for Thanksgiving A few centuries ago, doctors were observing a strange phenomenon: well-fed children, no matter how much they were eating, were malnourished. The only known cure at this time was an all banana diet [later revised to an all fruit diet] (Gut). It wasn’t until World War II that a cause was attributed to “Gee-Herter’s disease”—the name of this unusual disorder. A shortage of grain led a Dutch pediatrician, Willem-Karel Dicke, to draw the conclusion that wheat was the culprit (Gut). He made this connection when the death rate of children with this disease went from about 35% to 0% during the grain shortage (Sanghavi). Today, Gee-Herter’s disease, more commonly known as coeliac or celiac disease, is better understood. Advanced methods in molecular biology have allowed scientists to increase their knowledge of how coeliac disease works. Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease, meaning that the body’s immune system is responsible for the ill symptoms by attacking the body’s cells. This is different from an allergy, in that basophils and eosinophil are specifically responsible for allergic responses (Celiac Disease Foundation). When an individual with coeliac disease consumes wheat, barley, or rye [which contain the protein gluten]; it triggers the immune system to attack the body. The small intestine is usually a main target; specifically the villi, which are finger-like projections that line the small
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