The No Child Left Behind Act

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The No Child Left Behind Act was implemented to ensure that students in a secondary education public school could attaint the goals set out by the state, have a safe learning environment, and teachers whom are prepared and educated enough to teach all students. The goal of the “No Child Left Behind Act” was to guarantee the success of all students despite the socioeconomic status, backgrounds, even disabilities. It was enacted to “close any gaps” between each individual student despite their many differences; whether those difference be physical, mental, or emotional all students must attain the same scores and reach 100% proficiency. The underlying issues for education reform began when the “Elementary and Secondary Education Act” (ESEA), which was enacted in 1965 by President Lyndon B. Johnson as part of his administration’s War on Poverty. President Johnson had originally worked as a teacher for immigrant children in Texas, this experience brought him an understanding to the struggle that these immigrant children faced, and that these schools needed to be reared by the government financially in order to better their education in science, math, and reading comprehension skills. This policy authorized federal spending on grades kindergarten through twelfth grade high school seniors. This was the largest source in history of federal spending on elementary and secondary education. This plan was originally implemented to assist lower income families and poverty stricken

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