The No Child Left Behind Act

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What is the No Child Left Behind Act? The article “Do states have the right to ignore federal laws that they do not want to follow,” have followers that disagree that states need more authority to avoid the federal government from commanding policies they go up against; the Tenth Amendment presents a constitutional foundation for affirming that power. Today, opponents dispute, that federal power has decreased to weak levels, threatening individual liberties and making state rights that much more vital as an necessary defense to federal misuse of power. Opponents, meanwhile, dispute that such an liberal understanding of states ' rights is not supported by a secure understanding of the Constitution, mainly, the supremacy clause of Article VI, which appoints the federal Constitution, laws, and treaties as the supreme law of the land, and the protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, which prevents states from depriving any United States civilian of basic rights. A strong federal government is essential to make sure that all states follow the same federal laws. Without well-built federal power to join the country together, they will compete against each other, and each state could follow totally diverse sets of laws, causing confusion. Texas must discover other methods to assist and find solutions to No Child Left Behind. Texas does not have the right to overlook federal government commands related to No Child Left Behind. Every child in Texas must perform at his or her own…

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