The No Child Left Behind Act Essay

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uccessful at it. (Source 7) Next, the “No Child left behind Act” it was signed by President George W. Bush and it passed with bipartisan support on Jan. 8, 2002. This Act states that there will be mandated annual testing in the subject reading and math and science. In the grades 3-8 and 10th grade. It shows the "Adequate Yearly Progress" of each school in the system of the United States. (source 1) The biggest point of this Act is that no child is “trapped in a failing school” (source 1). That each student in the United States is being able to get the fair treatment as every other student in United States should receive. This act also emphasis reading, Bush wanted to make sure that each student by third grade were able to read well aka “Putting Reading First”. This reply I have stated in the other paragraphs the Government has put a lot of emphasis on these test and they are highly looked at for the Government. If schools failure to meet up to the standards of the Government, correction must happen. School is closed and teacher need to be fired and replaced. So that our future of American students are able to make sure they 're getting the best education possible. However, today a lot has changed this single this act has come out. The Government leans side to side on this. February 17, 2009. Barack Obama “race to the Top program was signed into law. Stating that $4.35 billion in extra funding to strengthen test score. March 13, 2010, Obama proposed an overhaul on “No Child

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